Five Tips to Create Content That Will Increase Your Google Search Rankings


Content marketing plays a vital role in any marketing strategy. When done correctly, it will position your business as experts within your industry and increase your search engine rankings. Studies suggest that 75% of people never leave page 1 of google and that 93% of all online experiences start on a search engine such as Google.

With these statistics in mind, it is pivotal that businesses create targeted content to increase their search engine rankings. We have put together our top five tips to help you create, structure and deliver content that search engines will love.

1: Define a keyword list

Search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo want to ensure that a relevant website is displayed when a user searches for something. Keywords can be a singular word or phrase, and by understanding and defining your keywords will help you create targeted content.

When you target correct keywords and phrases, you can apply them to specific pages on your website and dedicate that keyword or phrase to a particular piece of content. If done correctly, you will see a vast improvement in your organic search rankings.

How to identify keywords and phrases?

Below are some free tools that you can use to conduct your keyword research.

Google ads keyword planner: Click here to visit tool
Goolge trends: Click here to visit tool
Moz Keyword explorer: Click here to visit tool
Smerush keyword tool: Click here to visit tool

We would recommend that you conduct a competitor analysis to understand what keywords your competitors are targeting. You can use Moz or Semrush to do this, simply visit their websites and type in your competitor’s URL – once the search is complete a list will be returned that highlights which keywords your competitors are targeting.

2: Create Relevant Content

When creating content, it is always important to consider who your audience is and what information they are trying to obtain. We would always recommend that content is created to answer a set question or further educate your customers.

Great content should always serve a purpose. Developing a news section on your website is a great place to start, it will allow you to create and publish content that covers particular topics.

Once you have identified your keyword or phrase, you must use it several times within the content. Try to use it once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs and two to four more times within the remaining content. Don’t cram or overuse keywords within the content, if the content doesn’t read correctly, try to restructure it and make it flow.

Our 4th tip (Improve Readability) highlights more recommendations on ways to structure your content and how you can utilise headings to break your content down into readable segments.

In summary, when creating content, always answer these questions:

Who your audience segments are?
What kind of information do they need?
Why they need that information?
Which keywords they’re using to find it?

3: Format Content for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are a specific piece of content that appears at the top of search engines. Featured snippets are designed to answer a particular question and stand out from other search results. Featured snippets can increase click-through rates as they build consumer confidence as they generally answer a user’s question.

The best way to obtain a featured snippet is to create content that is designed to answer a specific question. I.e. if your product is designed to block noise create a news article with the title: How my product reduces noise levels.

Tips for obtaining featured snippets.

Answer questions definitively in your content.
Make your content the highest quality possible.
Use numbered and bulleted lists.
Include stats and data.
Structure your content logically.

4: Improve Readability

Readability plays a significant role in content creation, if you create content that doesn’t read correctly or doesn’t have some form of genuine substance, readers will switch off and try to find the information they crave elsewhere. The best advice we can give, is to create content that focuses on one specific topic and structure your content using headers and bold text. Always ask yourself: What do I want the reader to learn?

Tips to increase readability

Use shorter sentences.
Break long paragraphs.
Highlight the most exciting parts of your content (through effective use of subheadings, bold texts, and whitespaces).
Use an active voice.
Use transition words to give better direction to readers.

5: Update Your Content Regularly

Websites that perform well on search engines are websites that publish content frequently. It can be time-consuming to create compelling content, but we advise that you publish a minimum of 1 to 2 pieces of new content monthly. To help achieve this, you can create a quarterly content plan and create six headlines that you think your readership would value.

Content is excellent to share on social media where quality content will position your company as industry experts. Compelling content should be written to educate your audience and demonstrate you know what you are talking about. When done correctly, it can increase consumer confidence and lead to an increased number in website conversions.

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