We have partnered with Candle Lounge ltd to help launch their range of luxury scented products.

Case Study: Candle Lounge Ltd

With a range of designer inspired scented products and a company name, Candle Lounge Ltd (a new start-up business) required assistance with branding, creating an online store, taking elegant photography and content creation.

We worked closely with Candle Lounge Ltd to understand what they wanted to achieve through their marketing goals. They had created a designer product range with a stylish aesthetic and wanted to showcase it to its fullest potential.

Through discussing ideas and developing brand concepts on how to turn their vision into reality, we are pleased to share the outcome of several months of hard work and focussed dedication.

Client Brief:

Candle Lounge Ltd wanted to create a luxury and contemporary brand that had mass-market appeal. After designing a range of stylish scented products, they needed a brand concept that made their brand not only look elegant but stand out from the crowd. As their products were to be featured in households across the UK, the logo’s styling needed to be discreet whilst providing true brand recognition.

Alongside designing brand concepts, Candle Lounge Ltd needed a home for their products where consumers could seamlessly learn more and purchase their range of products. They required an online store that was easy to navigate and for consumers to purchase from.

How We Helped:

Logo and Branding Design:
First, we needed to create a brand that consumers were happy to have in their house. We created several brand concepts to share, from this we started to refine the designs until we had a concept that was worthy of displaying on their luxury product. As their contemporary candles feature white wax, we decided to contrast black and white within the logo.

Product Photography:
As Candle Lounge Ltd was a new start-up business, they didn’t have any photography assets. We needed to create stunning assets to showcase their products on social media and their website. We decided to use a grey background to complement their luxury branding, which contrasted with their white wax and black logo and packaging. Once the images were finalised, we resized and formatted the images so they would appear correctly throughout there online store and across Candle Lounges social media platforms.

Online Store:
Once the brand concepts and product photography were finalised, we needed to design and build an online store that was simple to navigate and easy to purchase from. Over 30 days, we systematically designed and built an online platform with a dedicated payment system which allowed consumers to view and purchase their products. To provide consumers with a choice of payment options we integrated both PayPal and Stripe, this allowed consumers to pay via all major credit and debit cards.

To provide enhanced SEO, we decided to create an individual product page for each scent. We knew this would aid SEO but could prove a challenge for designing simple website navigation. To overcome this, we designed specific landing pages that grouped product ranges. We designed and developed individual landing pages for their range of candles, scented diffusers, car air fresheners and wax melts.

As Candle Lounge was a new start-up, we needed to incorporate a way to increase consumer confidence. We created a specific customer review page designed to share the positive feedback – the review page can be found here: https://www.candlelounge.co.uk/reviews/. When a customer leaves a review on Facebook, the website would automatically update the review page. In conjunction, we added a review slider to high traffic pages, website visitors could see the positive feedback that their products were generating.

You can view their range of scented products here: https://www.candlelounge.co.uk/

Project Outcome

We successfully launched the website ahead of Christmas where orders started to come in thick and fast. As a result of the success achieved over the Christmas period, Candle Lounge has decided to add to their product range. We are designing individual product ranges which will include a “Natural” Range which encompasses essential oils and a “Signature” Range that will launch later in the year.

Candle Lounge was delighted to receive such positive customer feedback on how their products looked and more importantly, the long-lasting scent they provided.

We continue to support Candle Lounge Ltd by providing enhanced marketing support. We are very excited to be working on their new product ranges and look forward to being part of their new journey.

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